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What is this site about?

Retro stuff in general, and some personal stuff about me.

About me

I'm just a 15 year old guy from a third world country that likes collecting retro stuff and messing with html/css. Sorry if my english is bad, i've learned it myself so i'm not sure if i'm typing stuff correctly or not, currently trying to learn japanese too.

Why does the site look so simple?

My aim here is to make it as simple as possible but still pretty. I particularly dislike the bloat of javascript a lot of sites use, it just makes the site heavier and uglier in every way possible, so i prefer to stick to a very simple layout which makes the site loadable even in your old nokia you got stored in your attic for 12 years.

Will you add a guestbook to your site?

Probably not, seeing that all of them track their users, and i don't want anyone getting their ip stored by a random chinese company, so if you want to say anything to me, the best way of doing so is by contacting me via e-mail in the "contact" tab.
The privacy policy of a guestbook i found:

Guestbook privacy policy

To do list

-Finish "Games" section
-Finish "Collections" section