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I like several types of music, but (at the moment at least) the ones i most love are Vaporwave, LoFi and Future Funk (a genre similar to the other 2), in this page you'll see a lot of artists i enjoy, headphones recommended.

Future Funk/Vaporwave/LoFi (Too identical to be separated)

Groovy Godzilla - soundcloud.com/groovy-godzilla
Yumi Rose - soundcloud.com/yumirose
SUPERSEX420 - soundcloud.com/supersex420
tsundere twintales - soundcloud.com/tsunderetwintails
zen - soundcloud.com/rezenith
VANTAGE // - soundcloud.com/vantagenoise
TANUKI - soundcloud.com/tanukimusic
trmsc. - soundcloud.com/taramasca
Future Girlfriend Music - soundcloud.com/futuregirlfriendmusic
CYLOTIC - soundcloud.com/cylotic
hydrax. - soundcloud.com/hydraxmusic
trxxshed - soundcloud.com/trxxshed
Dizzy Inc. - soundcloud.com/dzinc
foomsy - soundcloud.com/foomsy
.Uzu - soundcloud.com/tsuki_uzu
Aiken - soundcloud.com/luvaiken
Hunt Momentz - soundcloud.com/user-192916777
Serenity - soundcloud.com/solitudedream