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Put two more games in the "games" section and some more links, also wanted to put some music in my website but i'm still figuring out how to do it properly.


Today i just procrastinated, spent most of my day doing absolutely nothing productive, but it's okay to do that sometimes i guess, specially in sunday.
When i was not procrastinating however, i created an "anime" section in this website (yesterday i also put some stuff in the "collections" section, but i forgot to post about it)


Fixed my css a lot today, i used to have literally 10 box divs for every height i wanted, now for the height i just put 100% instead of the number of pixels and it should not just work better for different screens, but it's way easier to edit pages now, because i had to change the css literally every time i edited something in a page because at the bottom characters would just go through the box and it really sucked, glad it's fixed now.


Changed the website look a little bit, the navigation tab is now in the left corner instead of the top, also added a Lain in the left corner, but i'm worried if it stays the same way in different screen sizes, i really hope it does.
EDIT:Ok it doesn't, i don't know what to do now.


Found an old keyboard in the trash today, i'd guess it's from the 00's. It works exceptionally, except from a few keys being a little hard to press, but that's ok for me.
Anyways, found out that my motherboard also was faulty and sent it to a technician, i hope they fix my fren soon, i'm using that motherboard for almost a decade now and i really don't want another one.
EDIT:I'm changing the website look a little bit, if things seem broken i'll fix them soon, sorry for the inconvenience!


Finally made that "articles" section and an article about the modern day web, even though i don't really think i'm much of a writer, at least i was not procrastinating like i do most days, i still want to do an article about some less known chiptune music i really love, but i'm still thinking about what to write to not feel like a lazy article, i also want to try to do a button for my site, even though i'm not really that good at art.


Borrowed the laptop from my sister so i could edit a little my website, i'm finally cleaning up the mess i did yesterday while trying to edit from my phone, i really messed up some pages.
I'm now thinking about some articles i could do here, got some really good stuff in my mind, i expect to make at least one today.


i was going to create an "articles" section today but just when i went into neocities my power supply suddently died, i'll have to buy a new one now i guess, but i was using that one for over 10 years now, so it's ok.
It's just sad that for the time being i'll have to stop editing the site(it really sucks to do this in mobile)
EDIT:This one had A LOT of grammatical errors, that's one of the reasons i barely use my phone at all, touch screen keyboards just aren't the thing for me.


Added some links in the "Links" section and also put them in the "Main" section because it was too empty.
Also found some old stuff of mine while searching through my attic, including some old photos of me in the computer, its kinda surprising to me that i already liked using this kind of stuff when i was like 4 years old.


It's been some 3 to 4 hours i created the website, i've got the base done already, its looking pretty in my opinion, i don't want fame but i hope that at least some people find this website and enjoy it.

Website look in 2021