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Hello, you can call me XM, in this website you'll find:

>Retro games
>Retro music
>My collections
>A simple blog of mine
>And even more stuff in the future
The site was just launched so don't expect much from it, eventually it'll be full of fun and interesting content, such as old gaming hidden gems, obscure/lost web content, installation guides of old operational systems and much more!

Latest blog entry (#8)


Put two more games in the "games" section and some more links, also wanted to put some music in my website but i'm still figuring out how to do it properly.

Featured: Anime Stuff

I'll try to always put something new in this "Featured" area every time i add anything important in the site

Anime i like (Top 5)

1 - Serial Experiments Lain (1998) - animixplay.to/v1/serial-experiments-lain
2 - Mirai Nikki (2011) - animixplay.to/v1/mirai-nikki
3 - Hellsing Ultimate (2006) - animixplay.to/v1/hellsing-ultimate
4 - Hellsing (1997) - animixplay.to/v1/hellsing
5 - Hidan no Aria (2011) - animixplay.to/v1/hidan-no-aria

Anime i want to see

None for now.

Anime related links

AnimixPlay: Anime piracy - animixplay.to
KissAnime: Anime piracy - kissanime.com.ru
Gendou: Anime music - gendou.com
Anime Cafe: Anime reviews (Defunct since 2003) - abcb.com